Restaurant Secret – How to Set Up an Online Food Ordering System for Free

Are you a restaurant owner struggling with the hefty fees associated with delivery services such as UberEats and DoorDash?

Although these are beneficial services that can serve to boost your consumer reach, they can also take a great deal of revenue out of your pocket.

As more and more customers are ordering food online, the popularity of such applications grows.

What do you do if you can no longer afford the fees associated with doing business with third-party food delivery services?

Luckily, you don’t have to give up on online ordering and delivery entirely. Instead, you just have to develop your own!

Creating an online food ordering service for your restaurant is a quick and simple process. Below you’ll find guidelines that’ll have your restaurant bringing in more revenue in no time!

How Your Business May Be Affected by Third-Party Online Food Ordering Platforms

Online food ordering and delivery has revolutionized the food industry. To stay ahead of the game and keep your business relevant, you must adapt to the changing landscape – this means either teaming up with the third-party services or developing your own.

How do we know things will continue in this trajectory?

In a survey of approximately 2,000 people:

Now with people under shelter-in-place orders in almost all major countries, online ordering for restaurants has become substantially more important to daily life.

Still, even apart from the current pandemic, the option of ordering food online has been growing substantially in the last two decades, and projections make it clear that it will only continue.

So far, trends show that restaurants that deliver directly to their customers are projected to perform better than those using third-party apps such as UberEats, DoorDash, and MenuLog. This is a great sign for the future of your business’ renovation.

Further, third-party online ordering systems are far from sustainable. Sure, you may be gaining more customers as they are given access to your business by scrolling through the ordering platforms, but with a catch.

These delivery services take a large portion of your earnings when customers order through their applications – more than 32% of the order value!

Simply by delivering food that comes from your business, these companies can take more than one-third of the revenue you rightfully earned.

Yes, they expand your customer reach, but this form of business is extremely costly, especially to small businesses. With a slim profit margin that is typical in the food industry, such a massive commission can turn your profits to losses in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, after an order is confirmed, the restaurant no longer has access to the customer’s information. This means you have no way of reaching out to your customers after their purchase is complete, eliminating opportunities for promotional events and the like.

With all of this said, you need to invest in the creation of your own delivery service! Not only will you join the ranks of businesses expected to perform better with such a service, but you will also experience the following benefits:

But wait! You don’t have to give up completely on that third-party app: Even with your own delivery service, you’ll be able to have the best of both worlds.

You can retain the benefit of gaining new customers with third-party platforms while simultaneously serving your existing customers with your own delivery service. Slowly but surely, you can grow your revenue from your new service and reduce the expenses incurred with the competing applications.

How to Set Up Your Online Food Ordering System

Now that you know why your business needs an online food ordering option, you must act on it straight away. The process can be done extremely quickly and have your restaurant delivering in only a few days! Below are instructions on how to set up an effective online ordering tool:

1. Curate your menu. You get to decide what food you do and don’t want available for your online service. You can give your customers full access to your complete menu, offering the authentic experience of your cuisin

2. From the comfort of their own home, or entice them to visit the restaurant by availing only a few key meals. The choice is yours!

3. Brand your restaurant website. Your efforts should focus on customizing your platform so that existing customers will be encouraged to order directly from you and not from any third-party platforms. Customers love supporting local businesses. Show them new ways to get involved with your restaurant’s growth by making your brand shine!

4. Open your delivery service for business. You must inform your customers of the change – otherwise, how are they to take advantage of your new service? To do this, you will have to develop a marketing campaign for the introduction of your online ordering and delivery options.

It’s that simple! Three steps and you are ready to begin earning revenue and saving on those crazy commission fees taken from those third-party delivery apps.

Take Action Now

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