Restaurant Growth Hack – Online Food Ordering, Delivery and Takeaway food

Ever dreamt of a growth hack that could boost the profit of your restaurant? 

Well, there’s a new way to increase your income and reach more customers… 

Over the past decade, technology has revolutionised the way that we interact and communicate with each other. At a few clicks of the screen on our smartphones, we can chat with our friends on the other side of the world or instantly find the answer to any burning question that we might have. 

This digital revolution is transforming the food and beverage industry too. In San Francisco, coffee shop Cafe X is manned solely by robots whilst Apeel Sciences have created a unique packaging system that is able to significantly extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetables; with the company claiming to make avocados stay fresh for over 50 days! 

These changes and advancements have also led to a significant change in the way consumers are interacting and ordering with restaurants. In recent years, the rise of online ordering systems and food delivery has been impossible to avoid and now an entire generation of younger Australians are swapping dining out for eating in. In 2019, the Eating Out in Australia published an in-depth analysis of the behaviour of takeaways in the country and found:

This means that around 50% of households in Australia are ordering takeaway food every single day! Although it is largely the millennials and Generation Z who are leading the way in ordering food, the Eating Out survey revealed that the actual difference between demographics is very small and we are simply a nation who love takeaway.

Using this boom to boost your sales

These figures are not just happening in Australia, the world over food delivery websites are on the rise and some of the world’s leading Michelin Starred restaurants are even getting in on the game and offering food delivery services.

With such huge sums of money being spent every single day, it is no wonder that so many restaurants are joining third party delivery apps such as Deliveroo, UberEats, and MenuLog.

In fact, research has shown that those restaurants that are not utilising these services are actually losing customers as the time-strapped, instant gratification lifestyles we all lead means ordering delivery to home or work has taken preference.

These apps have made ordering food easier than it has ever been, with a customer capable of ordering directly from their phone without needing to speak to anyone. Whilst ordering has never been easier for consumers, it has also helped to raise awareness, increase profit and introduce a whole new customer base to restaurants too.

The slick process means that within seconds of the customer ordering the restaurant receives details of the order and they can start preparing. However, despite being incredibly streamlined the restaurant does not receive any information about the customer other than the address; meaning they are unable to market themselves further or target the customer directly.

That is not the only negative aspect of using these third-party apps though. They are designed and built to reward themselves primarily, meaning restaurants are facing big fees on every order – more than 32% on some of the leading apps.

This means that the already slim profit margins are reduced even further and vast sums of money are going to these third-party apps instead of the restaurant. For example, say each month one of these apps is able to bring in $28,000 worth of sales to a restaurant, which means the restaurant will be losing over $116,000 of profit each year.

That is a huge amount of money that can completely transform a business. From renovating their premises, hiring more staff or even opening a new branch; it is profit that should be going directly back into the pockets of the restaurant owners.

The next step…

These fees are not going unnoticed and many restaurants are now realising that whilst the current apps are helping to expand the number of customers that are enjoying the food, it is not a sustainable practice.

This is why in recent months many new startups and apps are being launched which places the focus and profit back towards the restaurants – after all, they are the ones purchasing the products and cooking up delicious meals!

One such company that is helping restaurant owners transform their online delivery service is Click2Eat.

The new Australian-based digital company works directly with restaurants to help them create their own bespoke restaurant online ordering system. The easy-to-use interface means customers are able to enjoy the same sleek designs as the leading third-party apps, but all the customer information and orders are maintained by the restaurant.

Whilst this is not new software for restaurants, the usual costs involved with building and maintaining a bespoke ordering system were not viable for many business owners. That is why Click2Eat’s plug-and-play system is helping to transform the online ordering industry for restaurants.

Completely customisable, the Click2Eat team is able to build the system within 48 hours and to help restaurant owners even further there are no upfront costs. The unique platform also requires no technical knowledge, their experienced team will complete all the necessary work for you, meaning you can simply focus on expanding your business and managing the incoming order requests.

Evolution, not revolution…

Providers such as Click2Eat are not about replacing these third-party apps, but evolving and building upon the service that they offer; give restaurant owners more business and increase their profits. Apps such as Uber Eats are a great way to attract new customers – but by using Click2Eat restaurants are able to focus on existing customers, encouraging them to order directly.

To help restaurants do this, Click2Eat provides its users with a range of marketing support. By collecting and sharing customer’s details, it allows them to create and manage targeted SMS and email campaigns; driving them towards the restaurant’s website. They also provide in-depth social media advertising support, helping businesses to target potential consumers within a 10km radius.

By focusing on moving existing customers away from these third-party apps and ordering directly from their own online ordering system, restaurants will be able to see a significant boost in their profits. This will not be an immediate change, but step-by-step it can yield big steps. Click2Eat suggests restaurants should aim for an 80% change in ordering habits, which will create a big change – taking the earlier example of a restaurant earning $28,000 a month, by switching to Click2Eat and driving 80% of orders through their own website, they would enjoy an additional $93,000 a year!

There is no magic hack to earning more money, but with online ordering only going to become more frequent as technology advances, establishing your own e-commerce delivery platform will ensure you are ahead of the competition. To learn more about how Click2Eat can help your business, get in touch with us today.

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