Own A Restaurant? Online Ordering Systems Can Save You A Min $93,000 A Year.

What could your restaurant do with an extra $93,000 dollars a year? Maybe you would open a second branch, or perhaps renovate your kitchen with the latest appliances? This might sound like a dream, but many restaurant owners can actually enjoy this additional revenue – without requiring any further effort on their part!

We are living in an increasingly digital world. Over the last decade, the rise of smartphones, coupled with improved internet speeds, has transformed the way we interact and engage with the world around us.

Nowadays, we can access vast amounts of information or connect with friends and family in just a few clicks of the screen or mouse.

This technology is also quickly changing the habits of consumers. E-commerce is on the rise, with 2019 seeing over 20 million Australians shopping online in some form, with the market set to increase in value to an incredible $35.2 billion by 2021.

One of the biggest benefactors of these technological advancements is the restaurant industry. Thanks to the introduction and rising popularity of apps such as UberEats and Menulog, Australians are now able to take advantage of restaurant online ordering systems; meaning they can quickly enjoy everything from wood-fired pizzas to chicken burritos delivered directly to their door.

The convenience and time-saving benefits that these takeaway food apps offer are seeing them enjoy a sharp rise in popularity, particularly amongst the millennial and younger demographics.

In fact, a recent study by Shape of Australia found that one in ten Australians order takeaway food at least once a week, with nearly 70 million meals being ordered online each year.

The industry is showing no signs of slowing down either, with research from Cowen predicting that between 2018 and 2023 the food delivery industry will have increased by more than three times the rate that restaurant and on-premises food sales do.

The recent COVID-19 outbreak is driving more people to order online too. As the nation practices social distancing and citizens isolate themselves at home, many restaurants are discovering that the online food delivery industry is a viable option to significantly boost their profits.

Joining the online delivery world

Thanks to the rise in these apps and companies, it has never been easier for restaurants to join the digital revolution and expand their customer base. These apps have made it very easy for restaurants to join, simply needing to submit the details of their establishment, along with contact details, location and estimated weekly orders.

Once approved, their restaurant will then appear on the app and allow customers to begin ordering. Once a customer has ordered, the app will send the details through to the restaurant to begin preparing the order before a delivery driver arrives to whisk it off to the customer.

This is an incredibly streamlined process, however, the focus and benefits are primarily focused on the delivery partner rather than the restaurant. For example, UberEats can take up to 32% of the order total – meaning the restaurant ends up taking a very small profit compared to if the customer had placed the order directly.

To put this into context, if a restaurant makes an average of $7,000 worth of sales a week, they will be giving just over $116,000 to Uber Eats every single year. This is the net profit that they could be pocketing themselves with the right service provider.

Equally, the restaurant is never provided with the details of the customer; meaning they are unable to connect with and build a loyal base of consumers or create targeted marketing campaigns.

A different solution…

Whilst the likes of UberEats and Deliveroo can open up a huge new potential market, the low-profit capabilities mean that they are not sustainable for many restaurants. This has meant that newer, more personalised solutions are beginning to appear, designed to give the power and control back to the restaurant owners.

Click2Eat is one such provider, aiming to let restaurant owners create their own unique and easy-to-use online ordering systems.

Although having an online ordering system on their website is not a new idea, for many restaurants the cost and time involved in creating this have not made it a viable solution – until now.

Click2Eat is providing restaurants with a unique plug-and-play solution that lets them build a fully bespoke and customised online ordering system in just 48 hours.

our expert team will take on all of the development and build work, allowing restaurants to simply focus on doing what they do best; cooking up delicious dishes that consumers want to eat!

It is not about replacing these existing apps, however, but working in tandem with them to let business owners take their restaurant to the next level. Using the more traditional apps will let the restaurant continue to attract new customers, whilst Click2Eat will let them focus on retaining existing customers and drive them to start ordering directly with them.

Alongside establishing an advanced online payment system and incorporating the use of discount codes and reward points, Click2Eat also captures all customer data for the restaurant. This lets them support their marketing by running targeted SMS and email campaigns, helping to keep the restaurant at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

In addition to that, we also run regular hyper-targeted social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, placing the restaurant in front of consumers within a 5-10km radius of the establishment.

These highly effective techniques are controlled and managed by the in-house digital marketing team at Click2Eat, meaning restaurants do not have to learn or worry about the often confusing world of social media advertising.

Putting money back into your pocket

The idea of Click2Eat is to give the power directly back to the restaurant owners and let you increase your profit.

By slowly moving the majority of your online orders away from the likes of UberEats and towards ordering directly via your own branded payment platform.

This way, the restaurant owners will be able to enjoy significantly higher profits.

In fact, if a restaurant is able to move 80% of its business from these apps, then that same restaurant selling $7,000 a week will be enjoying an additional $93,000 a year!

The digital revolution is transforming the world and over the next few years, online ordering for restaurants is going to become increasingly more common. So if you want to join the revolution and increase your profits, get in touch with Click2Eat today.

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